Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spot the terrorist!

The updated numbers are in! Currently there are over 755 thousand people on the terror watch list. All these people are deemed by our benevolent leaders too godless communist liberal dangerous to fly (but not enough to be arrested).

Other number: The current population of the US of A is 301,139,947.

A little math tell us that this translates to roughly 0.25% (1 in 400) being a "bad guy".

Personally, on any given week, I see hundreds of people. Dozens in the office, dozens in at the grocery store, hundreds just walking by. So... mathematically, I must have missed pointing out terrorist right next to me on several occasions!

This blatant personal carelessness about national security is shaming.

Henceforth, I hope you will join me in making our streets safer by publicly wrestling down and reporting to the police anybody who looks "suspicious", "dangerous", "different"!

I leave it to your personal threat assessment to choose what particular appearance attribute to discriminate guard against: Mustaches, skin/hair color,..

All is fair in love and war!

Only with your help can we make things safe and clean again! Do it or the terrorists win! Think about the children! God is with us!

1 comment:

Wayne Porter said...

yeah and water boarding is fun!

i could use a handy zaphod says: "probability the asshole next to you is a terrorist is near 1 to 1" widget...we have normalcy.