Monday, March 31, 2008

ObiJan Bio Page

I haven't risen (steeped) to the vanity level of blasting people with "About Me" pages (yet), but the geek in me wanted to play with the (now extinct) Google Social API. The OCD-based organizer inside me agreed that it would be neat to have a central page to list all my various "profiles". Even the slob in me liked that, because he keeps forgetting all those links themselves. The other voices in my head were talking about things involving cheesewire and an electric bushcutter, but I kept them sedated.

So here goes...
"About me" on various sites:

  • Google Profile

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn : In case somebody has a great job offer :)

  • Plaxo : Part address book organizer, would-be social network

  • Flickr : Not really my favorite photo sharing site
You may find my main "real" experimental site at

2014 Update: Removed all the extinct links. 
2022 Update: Killed all more extinct links.