Monday, February 9, 2009

It takes a govermental agency to be this security clueless!

Recently, I had to look up something on website ran by a local college. Of course, the site broke (the pages did not load within the session timeout), so I fired off an email to their listed support email.

Here is what I got back:


We have received your email enquiry. Please try one or more of the suggested solutions below. Web help is available Monday through Friday 8am - 4:00pm (not available weekends and holidays). If you reply to this email, please provide your full name, Soc. Sec. No., birthdate, and your current address.

Quick help

New Applicants: you will be able to login to the WebAdvisor one business day after you have submitted your application.

Step-by-step Web Registration Instructions:


Account Lock-out:

Wait 10 minutes and try again

Password and login help:

If necessary, please go to the WebAdvisor web page and select "What is my User ID?" from the Student Menu. Provide the required information to obtain your User ID.
Then select "What's my password" from the Student Menu.
Select "I don't remember my password" and provide the required information.
A new password will be emailed to you.

Password must be 6 to 9 characters in length and include both letters and numbers, no special characters

If you are still having problems, please contact the appropriate
Admissions & Records Office
(Contact Information removed here)


Class assignment: List all security violations in this reply, discuss.

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