Sunday, March 6, 2011

Physchic computer support

Can you help me with my computer?

Is it no longer working? 
Eh... yeah.. weirdest thing...
Did you let your kids use it?
Yeah, little Billies computer was acting up...
And you let him use your login, instead of a "Guest" account?
Yeah, it was just for little while...
And that was a full-privilege administrator account?
Yeah, that's how the computer came...
And you left him alone like that?
Yeah, well, I had to go to work.
So the first thing he did was install "Limewire"?
Yes, how do you know?
So he thought he scored some free music, but nobody told him music files don't end in .mp3.exe ?
Eh... what's an EXE?
So he installed whatever the trojan of the week is, and now your computer won't connect to anything any more?
Yeah, exactly!  How do you know? 

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