Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seriously? A.k.a. "My adventures with "ePolicy Orchestrator"

From the why-oh-why-do-you-hate-me department:

Seriously? We have to break the official IT computer naming policy because you product refuses to be installed on a system that has a (perfectly legit) underscore in it's name?

I usually don't get frustrated with a product until after I install it.

It only after I change the computer name, that I get this error on my Windows 7 professional installation:

Of course, that document is not part of the installation, only the "product guide" is. 

Update 1:
I now have a super duper "Windows Server 2008 R2 - 64 bit" installation.   Guess what I get when the installation starts?  A new error!

"8.3 naming convention"?  Wait...  Didn't you just force me to upgrade to "Windows super duper"? And then you complain that you don't have the features from DOS in 1981?  And no, the "installation guide" doesn't mention anything about this.

Update 2:
After some Googleing, a registry change, installing MS SQL, configuring port, choosing various passwords (whose complexity requirement are kept a secret), the installer finally got running.

And I was awarded with....

At this point, only 1 comment makes sense:
Update 3:

Wondering if I was running the latest version, I found out

  • McAfee's beta portal is seriously broken
    • it refuses my (stored) password 
    • it doesn't really execute password resets (although it says it does)
  • That doesn't really matter, since there is a an open FTP server from which one can download any beta software they ever released.
  • That also doesn't really matter, since I was already testing with the latest version, EPO 4.6 RC3.
  • The beta seems to expire really quickly, in this case: May 31, 2011 (it was released mid march)
So, saying in the spirit, I used an ancient "hack" technique from the 80s.  It's called "setting the clock back".
30 minutes of installation dialogs later:

Allow me to say:

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