Sunday, January 19, 2014

I was singled out by RSA!

At the 2013 RSA conference, I was running around killing time before my talk on building your own intelligence tool, and thought it would be a fun training exercise to participate in their "I am RSA" ad campaign.  What better way to get rid of any nerves then to have a dozen cameras and microphones pointed at you?

I signed the release (I believe I got a sticker or a Starbucks card or something like that too) and I did not think anything of it until a friend pointed out that I was running on the homepage of the 2014 conference.  They seem to rotating a bunch of videos on there, and I was in the top spot last week.  Looking at their list of uploaded videos, I noticed I seem to be the only person (as far as I can see) that is actually named on-screen in any of them .  There are plenty of other people, but they seem to be used only for soundbites, whereas I was deemed worthy for almost a full minute.  Where's my internet millions?
Also: For some reason, it makes it seem like I have huge hands.

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